We are Beyond Outdoor. Outcomm’s ad spaces are strategically placed from your home to your point of destination, ensuring the maximum exposure of your brands. Outcomm will help you with your advertising needs, whether they be for public transportation, billboards, digital boards, or indoor ads.

The future is now! Outcomm’s high-tech data enabled LED video boards are guaranteed to catch the attention of your audience and provide you with the analytics. Our LED boards will help you communicate with your audience with motion graphics, full-motion video in full color. You are guaranteed to get the eyes of pedestrians and motorists, ensuring that our client’s message is heard.

Outcomm is among the pioneers that delivered the full color and power of LED video technology to outdoor advertisers.  Our LED boards are placed in high-traffic locations such as EDSA Guadalupe, C-5 Pasig, and McKinley Hill, ensuring that our client’s message is heard. Our LED boards are also equipped with eye-tracking technology that measures the number of views that each of our LED boards get.

Be seen by millions! Outcomm’s billboards stand out day and night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our billboards are strategically placed around the Greater Manila Area from north to the south along major roads and highways such as EDSA, C5 Road, and more.

Outcomm employs the latest market research techniques to identify the most optimal locations for our outdoor billboards. Our field team scouts for high-visibility locations and performs in-depth demographic studies on a regular basis. As a result, we have created a trustworthy database that will assist clients in determining the most cost-effective advertising investment.

We are at your service throughout the process – from the planning and installation of the billboard ad up to its removal or replacement, as well as the general sign maintenance in-between.

Get closer to your audience! Outcomm ventured into transit advertisements to get your brand across the city. Outcomm offers various creative and effective advertising options on buses, taxis, and other mass transit vehicles.

Street furniture is where advertising meets functionality. With our interactive bus sheds, Outcomm will enable your target audience to experience your brand. While waiting for the bus, bus commuters can interact with the touchscreen LED boards in our bus sheds.

Our immersive street furniture can serve a variety of purposes, including entertainment and education. For example, in a previous marketing campaign for RCBC, we mounted a loan calculator on the bus shed, allowing consumers to calculate their amortization costs. 

Be dynamic and see your print ads come to life with our groundbreaking new technology, the dynamic lightbox. Outcomm’s dynamic lightbox breathes a new life into your ads with the excitement of motion graphics and LED technology. It also gives your brand the center stage with the incredible dance of lights!

Our dynamic lightbox combines aluminum structures with printed fabrics and a LED backlighting system that can be programmed based on the design featured on the screen and the other elements that must be highlighted.

We are the first in the country to host this medium of advertising, and we’re excited to have you join us in leading the industry to the digital age.