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Led Video Board

Outcomm is among the pioneers that delivered the full color and power of LED video technology to outdoor advertisers. Through our LED Boards, Advertisers are guaranteed to catch attention of pedestrians and motorists and ensures our client’s message is heard.


Outcomm uses market research to identify the optimum locations for outdoor billboards. Our field team regularly scouts for high-visibility sites and conducts research on the traffic demographics, thus building a reliable database with which to help clients decide on the sensible advertising investment. From north to south in the Greater Manila Area, along major everyday traffic arteries such as EDSA and the Expressways, Outcomm’s billboards stand out day and night. We are at our client’s service throughout the process – from the installation of the ad material to removal and replacement, as well as general sign maintenance in-between.


Outcomm understands the needs of their clients to penetrate locations not accessible to bus advertisements. Outcomm ventured into transit advertisements to help clients cover more ground and reach their target audience creatively and effectively.