Billboards vs LED Boards: What’s The Difference?

Which one should you use for large-scale advertising?

Outdoor advertising has been around for centuries, but it has only recently developed into two distinct types of advertising signs: billboards and digital LED displays. Here’s what you should know about these two types of ads.

Billboard Advertising

Billboards are giant – literally! Even in an age when digital LED ads and special ad executions reign supreme, billboards still provide the best return on investment when advertising your brand.

A billboard is a large sign placed on roads or buildings to advertise products or services, often found in big cities. Billboards used to be painted on building walls and wooden boards. Nowadays, these large signs are typically made of tarpaulin and illuminated by several metal halide lamps.

Businesses consider billboards an essential marketing tool because they are cost-effective easy-to-use. If you want an affordable way to advertise your brand, billboards are the way to go. They are very effective at getting people’s attention – and it doesn’t cost too much!

LED Video Board Advertising

LED displays are a new and rapidly changing technology used for various purposes. They are more cost effective than traditional billboards in terms of the number of advertisements that can be shown on a single display.

An LED video board is a large digital display of multicolored LED bulbs. Think of it as a large TV on the road. These displays can show static or animated content, making them ideal for digital signages and advertising campaigns.

Some LED boards (like the ones we have on EDSA and C5) are equipped with eye-tracking technology that measures the audience data in the area. Gathered data include traffic count, demographics, and audience interests. These statistics are compiled into a guide to assist advertisers in bidding for advertising spots at the best times of the day.

In short, if you want your message to be seen by your target audience at the best possible time, an LED display is your best bet!

The Similarities

Billboards and LED boards are large-scale advertising tools that convey messages, draw attention, and persuade people to take action. They inform audiences about a brand’s products or services, promoting their offerings.

Both billboards and LED boards are placed in areas with high vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Examples of high-traffic areas include highways, expressways, and main roads. Some billboards and LED displays are near shopping malls, recreation centers, and commercial establishments.

The Differences

Billboards have a long history, but LED displays are emerging as a new and innovative way to advertise, transforming how we see and connect with information.

Billboards can be customized to show a range of traditional special effects. Special effects include frame protrusions, embossed 3D shapes, shadow casting, optical illusions, and reflective materials.

On the other hand, LED displays can show both static and moving video content. Advertisers can take advantage of the LED board’s digital nature when designing their advertising materials. Examples of special video executions include ads with augmented reality and naked-eye 3D graphics.

Both Are Great Advertising Choices!

Ultimately, billboards and LED video boards have a lot in common. Both large-scale forms of advertising rely on lighted displays to grab attention and compel viewers to interact with your brand.

However, one significant difference between these two types of advertising is that billboards can only display one static advertisement at a time. Meanwhile, LED boards can alternate between dynamic content from different advertisers.

Nevertheless, billboards and LED video boards have advantages when it comes to coming up with inventive ways to advertise.

Where Should Advertisers Invest On?

Suppose an advertiser can only choose to run their ad on one platform. In that case, they need to think about the factors that will help them achieve their goals before making their decision.

Billboards are best for advertisers who want all-day exposure to their target audience in a specific area covered by their campaign.

Advertising on LED video boards is done per spot, meaning the more ad spots you buy, the more exposure you get. With programmatic advertising, advertisers bid to place their advertisements on in-demand ad spots to reach their target audience at the best possible time of the day.

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