How to Rent an LED Video Board for Celebrity Greetings

Is your idol’s birthday coming up? Send them a wish via LED video!

Hey there! Are you an absolute super fan of a celebrity and just dying to make their birthday extra special? Have you ever dreamed of renting an LED video board to greet your favorite star on their birthday?! Do you have some cash to spare and an incredibly creative mind?!

Then why not rent an LED video board to greet them on their big day? Many fans have done it before, and you can too!  It can be a fun and creative way to express your boundless admiration and unwavering support for your idol. Here are some tips on renting an LED video board to make your idol’s day.

STEP 1 – Plan For The Big Day

Find out when and where your favorite celebrity will be on their birthday. This might seem obvious, but you don’t want to rent an LED video board in the wrong city or date. Make sure you double-check it with reliable sources because some celebrities might have different birthdays in different countries or use stage names.

If your idol is unlikely to pass by the LED video board, give your fellow fans a heads-up! At least they would see how much you love your idol; perhaps your greetings could eventually reach that celebrity!

STEP 2 – Set the Date and Location

You want your LED video greetings to be seen by your celebrity and their fans, so pick a spot near their home, workplace, or favorite hangout. You also want to choose a location that has some meaning for them, such as where they filmed a movie, performed a concert, or met their significant other.

STEP 3 – Book an LED Video Board Slot

Once you have picked a location, contact the media owner and negotiate the price and duration. One day is usually enough to convey your message, but you can rent it longer to make a bigger impression. Outcomm’s LED video boards will play your video greetings on a loop from 6 AM to 11 PM.

STEP 4 – Design Your Message

This is the fun part! You can use your creativity and humor to craft a catchy and memorable message for your celebrity. You can use photos, graphics, text, or a combination. You can also include pictures, logos, or artwork related to them or their work.

Make sure your message is clear, catchy, and respectful. You don’t want to confuse or offend your idol or the fans. Once your LED video message is ready, you must send it to the media owner so they can schedule it for the big day.

STEP 5 – Submit Your Greetings

Once your LED video message is ready, you must send it to the media owner, sign a contract, and pay the fee.

The media owner will review your design and ensure it meets the standards and regulations. They will then schedule your LED video message to run on a loop at the LED billboard site of your choice on your idol’s special day.

Once everything is set, all you have to do is wait for the big day!

STEP 6 – Celebrate With Other Fans!

Congratulations! You have rented an LED video board to wish your favorite celebrity a happy birthday. You can go to the location yourself or watch footage of it online.

You can also try contacting your star through social media or email to tell them about your surprise. Perhaps they will see it and appreciate it. You might even get a shout-out from them on social media or in an interview!

Celebrate the Good Times!

Whether it’s the anniversary of your favorite K-pop group’s debut or your idol has recently won an award, an LED video is an excellent way to convey your message.

There you have it, a simple guide on renting an LED video board to greet your favorite celebrity on their birthday. It’s not cheap or easy, but it’s a unique and memorable way to show your love and support. Just remember to be respectful, realistic, and responsible. And have fun!

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