EDSA LED – Data Analytics Report (February 2021)

The following is a report on the data gathered by the EDSA Guadalupe LED board on February 2021.

Audience Overview

The EDSA Guadalupe LED reached 563,447 unique visitors who visited the site for a total of 1,803,030 times for the whole month of February 2021. Visitors peaked during Week 3 (Feb. 14 to Feb. 20), the week after Valentine’s Day.

Almost half of the site’s visitors are newcomers, meaning that this month was their first time to see the LED board. More than half of the site’s visitors are returning visitors, meaning that they have already seen the LED board before.


Majority of the site’s visitors this month are from the Adult age group (35-64), which comprises 55.59% of the audience. This is followed by the Young Adult (16-34) and Senior (65+) age groups, which comprise 36.22% and 8.2% of the audience respectively.

Majority of the site’s visitors are Female, which comprises 71.79% of the audience. Meanwhile, only 28.22% of the audience are Male.


The pie chart above shows the brands or places where the audience was headed to. Among the named brands listed above, gas stations were the most frequently visited. They were followed by convenience stores, restaurants, and drugstores.

Audience Segments

The word map above is a visual representation of the share of the profiled audience segment. Majority of the site’s visitors are commuters or travelers, food lovers, property and business owners, and gadget enthusiasts.

Location Performance

Visitors peaked on the following days: Feb 3 (Wed), Feb 11 (Thu), Feb 21 (Sun), and Feb 26 (Fri). Notable events during this month that might have influenced these spikes were the Lunar New Year on Feb 12 (Fri), Valentine’s Day on Feb 14 (Sun), and the EDSA People Power Revolution Anniversary on Feb 25 (Thu).

All these data are being detected through Bluetooth, mobile data or WiFi, GPS, and downloaded applications like Google Maps, Waze, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype, all of which can be found on a smartphone.

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