How Outcomm Changed the BGC Bus Experience

When in BGC, be extraordinary.

TAGUIG CITY, Philippines — Bonifacio Global City (BGC) in Taguig City has been a vibrant site to visit since its rapid development in the early 2000s. From the stunning murals to the astounding modern sculptures, BGC has been the hub of various creative artworks that are spread throughout the extensively modernized lifestyle district.

The district’s intracity public transport system, the BGC Bus, is no exception. Since 2012, Outcomm has been assisting in the creation of imaginative displays for the BGC bus sheds and back adverts for the BGC Bus.

More Than Just a Bus Stop

Do you want people to remember you while waiting for the bus? Outcomm can transform an ordinary bus shed into something spectacular!

Outcomm’s bus sheds can come with interactive panels that can serve a variety of purposes, including entertainment and education.

RCBC Loan Calculator placed in a BGC bus stop

For example, in a previous marketing campaign for RCBC, Outcomm mounted a loan calculator on the bus shed, allowing consumers to calculate their amortization costs.

The following are more examples of BGC bus sheds designed by Outcomm.

Execution for Jack n’ Jill Piattos
Execution for Walt Disney Pictures promoting the 2016 film The Jungle Book
Mockup Sample for an airline

Look at That Huge Bus Ad!

The wheels on the bus go round and round. And so should your advertisement! Outcomm also puts advertisements on the rear end of the BGC Bus, which is one of the most visible advertising areas on the BGC Bus.

With their back adverts, Outcomm turns the BGC Bus into a billboard-on-wheels. In this manner, your message will be seen all across BGC more effectively.

The following are examples of BGC Bus ads designed by Outcomm.

Execution for Globe Telecom
Execution for the mobile app ShopBack
Mockup for Locally
Mockup for Paramount Pictures

Beyond Bus Commute

Outcomm revolutionized the BGC Bus experience with their interactive bus sheds to their colorful rear bus ads. Now, your next visit to BGC will not be complete without witnessing one of Outcomm’s customized BGC bus executions.

Add some color to the BGC Bus experience with Outcomm’s BGC bus sticker ads and bus shed display! Call Outcomm now at 09175375110 or at (02) 8856-2285 and start your bus ad campaign today.



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