Outcomm To Launch Digital Arm This Year

Introducing Oohlahoop, the newest digital creatives service in the Philippines.

The bright minds of Outcomm will launch its new digital branch this year. Oohlahoop — the newest digital creatives service in the Philippines — offers a wide array of online services that fit your needs. Once officially launched, Oohlahoop will start offering digital and creative services to clients around the globe.

Keep your audience active with their Social Media Management service. Let your brand stand out from the crowd with their Multimedia Design service. Create the best interactive experience with their Creative Programming service. Whatever your business needs are, Oohlahoop has got it handled for you!

Social Media Management

Oohlahoop’s team of social media managers will handle your brand’s social media page and engage with your audience with interactive posts every day. The team will also publish sponsored posts to introduce your brand to a greater audience.

Multimedia Design

Oohlahoop’s team of creative graphic designers and video editors will create eye-catching visual content for your brand that would quickly get your audience’s attention. Clients may opt for poster and banner ads, video clips, or full-length video ads for their brand.

Creative Programming

Oohlahoop’s team of developers will design a futuristic and fun advertising experience for your audience. The team will implement an effective web design to increase traffic to your website. The team will also create interactive applications for your brand that will keep your audience engaged!

Other and Future Services

Aside from the services mentioned above, Oohlahoop has more business solutions in store for everyone depending on their needs. One of Oohlahoop’s future projects is a stock photo and video portal for authentic Asian content. This will allow users in the future to get authentic Asian stock photos and videos. All Asian stock content will be contributed by the community. Oohlahoop may also offer more projects related to digital marketing solutions in the future.

Even before its official launch in the advertising industry, Oohlahoop had already given satisfactory online services to its clients. Some examples of successful projects done with Oohlahoop’s clients include touchscreen LEDs, interactive waiting sheds, and attention-grabbing social media mobile ads. Oohlahoop is set to officially launch in Q3 2021.



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