Dynamic Lightbox vs Traditional Lightbox: What’s the Difference?

Short answer: The dynamic lightbox can make your ads dance.

MANILA, Philippines – Some ad spaces are so big that they could be seen from afar. While some are just small enough to be seen from up close and indoors. And it’s generally the smaller ad spaces that require the greatest inventiveness. People will miss it if it is too plain, and they will avoid it if it is too boisterous.

Fortunately, Outcomm offers the most up-to-date technology for advertising in small indoor spaces: the Dynamic Lightbox. The dynamic lightbox, which makes use of LED boards’ capacity to animate visuals, is the next big thing in indoor advertising.

But how does the dynamic lightbox differ from the typical lightbox found inside shopping malls?

What is a Traditional Lightbox?

(Source: Outcomm Lightbox inside UP Town Center)

A Traditional Lightbox is an indoor advertising space with a backlight, generally, fluorescent bulbs or LEDs, that illuminates the display.

It is one of the most popular interior advertising venues, and it has existed in the Philippines for as long as indoor advertising has existed.

Traditional lightboxes are commonly used within large public venues, such as shopping malls and train stations, where large crowds gather.

What is the Dynamic Lightbox?

(Source: Outcomm Dynamic Lightbox inside Data Blitz)

In terms of display, the Dynamic Lightbox is similar to a traditional lightbox. The most significant difference is that on a dynamic lightbox, the backlight is animated rather than a static backlight-lit box.

Advertisements shown in the dynamic lightbox are animated, bringing life and fun to normally static ads. Clients may use the dynamic lightbox to add dancing figures and moving elements in their digital out-of-home advertisements.

Outcomm is the first in the country to offer a special dynamic lightbox execution. They are currently offering digital out-of-home advertising spaces for their dynamic lightboxes in BGC Bus Sheds.

Examples of Outdoor Advertisements on Lightboxes

You can now reach out to your audience much closer than before, whether it’s with a traditional lightbox or a dynamic lightbox. The majority of lightboxes are set at eye level to make it easier for your audience to notice your advertisements.

The following are more examples of lightboxes designed by Outcomm.

Traditional Lightbox Mockup at 32nd St. entering BGC
Dynamic Lightbox Sample at UP Town Center

Bring your next advertisement to life and closer to your audience with the Outcomm dynamic lightbox! Call Outcomm now at 09175375110 or at (02) 8856-2285 and start your dynamic digital out-of-home advertising campaign today.



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