Top 5 Outdoor Advertising Strategies for Marketing Your Brand

Be seen. Be heard. Be felt. Go beyond outdoor with these OOH advertising strategies!

Outdoor advertising, often known as out-of-home (OOH) advertising, refers to any form of advertising targeted at customers outside of their homes. Examples of OOH advertising platforms include billboards, street furniture, transit ads, LED boards, and more.

Out-of-home advertising has long been a cornerstone of marketing strategy for businesses and brands all around the world. Companies who take advantage of this marketing opportunity get a higher return on investment (ROI) through OOH advertising.

However, outdoor advertising might still be difficult. Advertising places are fixed, and there is no assurance about who your audience is or how frequently they will pass by your ad. And now, at a time when people are mainly indoors because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for advertisers to reach their target customers outside. In such cases, how can advertisers make the most of their outdoor advertising campaign?

What are examples of outdoor advertising strategies?

Here are five simple strategies that your brand can use on your next OOH advertising campaign.

1. Follow Where Your Customers Are

Here’s a simple question. If you were a brand selling heavy truck tires, where would you advertise your product? Certainly not inside a place like Bonifacio Global City! Of course, you would want to market your business where your target demographic regularly visits. In the case above, major highways and expressways are your best choice because that is where huge vehicles often travel.

Knowing the location of your target audience may help you attract more consumers that are interested in your products. For example, agricultural brands may find it easier to increase sales if they have billboard ads near farmlands (such as along NLEX) rather than in the metropolitan areas (such as along EDSA).

Some brands can be flexible when it comes to choosing an advertising location. Outdoor ads for consumer goods and restaurants can be placed almost everywhere as long as the product or the restaurant is available in the area.

What matters is that you make your outdoor advertisement visible to your target customers by capturing their attention right where they are. And here is when the next strategy also comes into play.

2. Target High-Traffic Areas

Now that you know where your customers are, place your outdoor advertisement where your target audience will see it the most! People can be anywhere. However, you must select the best ad space where everyone can view your outdoor advertisement at any time of the day.

National highways and major roads in Metro Manila experience heavy traffic during certain times of the day. Every day, an estimated 2.34 million vehicles pass along EDSA. And that doesn’t even count the pedestrians! The sheer volume of traffic is the reason for the abundance of billboards in Metro Manila, particularly along EDSA and C5 Road.

Placing your billboard ads on major roads (EDSA, C5, Ortigas Avenue, Commonwealth Avenue) and expressways (NLEX, SLEX, CavitEX) provides your brand with a high yield of new customers. It’s simple. The more people who view your billboard advertisements, the more likely they are to remember your brand and buy your products because of it.

However, with all of these billboards along EDSA and C5 vying for the attention of everyone who passes by, how will you make outdoor advertising stand out? The following strategy is always worth the shot.

3. Make Advertising More Fun!

Tell us about your most recent road trip around Metro Manila. Of all the billboards that you saw, which one did you remember the most? What made that billboard stand out to you? And how did you recall that specific billboard ad and not the others that you had seen before?

You can guess where this is going: Make your billboard ads unforgettable! Adding a sense of fun and originality to your outdoor advertising campaigns ensure that your billboard ads are remembered by many people.

This may be as simple as including funny images into your billboard design or inserting cheesy lines within the ad. You may also go as far as installing gigantic inflatable figures on rooftops or linking one billboard ad onto another to create one great outdoor advertisement. Sounds epic, right?

Other advertisers have used new technology to make their out-of-home advertising more entertaining. Certain brands have used augmented reality (AR) technology to bring their advertisements to life. In this form of OOH marketing, customers would engage with the billboard ad and witness it come to life using their mobile devices.

There are more ways to showcase your creativity when it comes to out-of-home advertising. Try the ones in the next strategy!

4. Beyond Billboards: Consider Other OOH Advertising Spaces

While billboards are still the most popular ad space used in out-of-home advertising, there are a variety of additional advertising tools that you may use to maximize the effectiveness of your OOH ad campaign.

Moving advertising displays like LED video boards and Dynamic Lightboxes have grown in popularity in recent years. LED video boards and dynamic lightboxes with beautiful graphics such as video advertisements and static adverts may quickly capture the attention of your consumers. Advertising on these platforms is versatile since you can choose the duration of your ad and how frequently it will be broadcast at different times of the day.

Transit advertising increases your chances of being remembered by those who use public transportation. You may advertise your products in the bus shed to keep people entertained as they wait for the bus. Interactive bus shed advertisements are excellent in keeping waiting passengers occupied. You can also spread your brand’s message all around the city with rear bus sticker ads. These bus advertisements are placed at the back of the bus, where both cars and pedestrians can easily see them.

5. Get Advanced with Outdoor Programmatic Advertising

Everything we mentioned so far may still be ineffective if not used correctly for your outdoor advertising campaign. If you truly want to guarantee that your ad campaign reaches a specific market, you need to narrow your focus and identify who you want to show your ad to and who is most active. This is where programmatic advertising comes into play.

Programmatic advertising is based on data-driven audience targeting, and ad space is obtained through bidding. It’s the most effective method to purchase highly targeted digital audiences at scale and get your advertisements live in the current advertising landscape.

In the context of out-of-home advertising, programmatic advertising can be done by gathering and monitoring user data (such as consumer age group, occupation, and travel location) and using it to build algorithms that can assist advertisers in optimizing their outdoor ads. Because the ad is automatically tailored to reach your target clients, using programmatic advertising reduces the cost of your outdoor advertising campaign.

Outcomm’s LED video boards include a non-intrusive eye-tracking Internet of Things (IoT) service lamp that monitors traffic in the area and consumer data from pedestrians and passengers. Outcomm provides its clients with data analytics to help them choose the optimum time of day to advertise their products.

It’s All About Strategy!

Knowing where your customers are and placing your outdoor ads in high-traffic locations helps ensure that your ad reaches its intended audience. Adding a little fun and flavor to your advertisement might help your audience remember your brand. Exploring different out-of-home advertising platforms and using programmatic advertising can assist you in narrowing your target and reaching your customers more efficiently.

With the correct execution, outdoor advertising can prove to be incredibly helpful and profitable for your company. Outcomm can assist you by developing the best outdoor advertising strategy for your brand.

The success of your out-of-home advertising campaign can stem from a good marketing strategy.
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